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KubeEdge Distributions, Hosted Platforms, and Installers

KubeEdge works with partners to create a strong, vibrant cloud native edge computing ecosystem. Here we have a list of KubeEdge Distributions, Hosted Platforms and Installers with deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt KubeEdge.To join this list (Sort alphabetically by organization/company name), please follow partners instructions.
DaoCloudDaoCloud Enterprise 5.0DaoCloud Enterprise 5.0 (DCE 5.0) is an advanced and highly scalable cloud native operating system designed to provide a consistent and dependable experience across diverse infrastructures and environments. With its support for heterogeneous clouds, edge clouds, and multicloud management, DCE 5.0 offers unparalleled flexibility.
Huawei CloudIEFEdge computing platform built upon KubeEdge, provides extremely lightweight, edge intelligent, and powerful in terms of computing capabilities.
KubeSphereKubeSphere Enterprise 4.0Based on the open and extensible architecture of KubeSphere LuBan, KubeSphere Enterprise 4.0 can easily achieve upstream and downstream linkage of applications, integrate various high-quality extensions from KubeSphere Marketplace anytime, and provide seamless business capabilities and highly consistent product experience. Edge computing extension based on KubeEdge provide easier-to-use and broader coverage of edge computing capabilities, solving operational issues such as node status management and relationship tree management for users.